Erebus-Salzenmund Boogaloo

Games 3.1 - 3.2
Against the Emerald Enchanter


While escaping The Purple Planet on the space-time cruising Longship: disaster struck: the vessel shattered, casting its passengers into a strange land. Some of the escapees are missing. Some of the escapees are from different ships/timelines!

The party wandered in a deciduous forest, hunting small, carnivorous rodents.

The party encountered the Village of the Oboline, home to a strange people with tarnished coins for eyes. The Oboline were welcoming and hospitable , but were tormented by The Emerald Enchanter, who would kidnap and experiment upon them.

The party offered to stop the Enchanter, and were guided to his estate.

The party battled emerald statues on entering the estate; on defeat, some shattered into cheap emerald bits but some returned to dead Oboline.

Venturing further, the party saw mosaics of the Emerald Enchanter, who is a robe’d, green-hued Guy Fieri, battling monsters and performing derring-do. The mosaics then turned into a humanoid shape and killed the party.

The party was rescued by their Oboline guide, and returned to defeat the mosaics. The Emerald Enchanter teleported through a large table and directed emerald-eyed, winged skulls to spy on the party before vanishing back into the table. The party destroyed the skulls, and followed him through the table.

The party explored a hallway, and entered through a one-way door into a room with a monstrous, scorpion-tailed, emerald humanoid that proceeded to murder them all.


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