Erebus-Salzenmund Boogaloo

Game 3.4

Total Eclipse of the Shart


While escaping The Purple Planet on the space-time cruising Longship: disaster struck: the vessel shattered, casting its passengers into a strange land. Some of the escapees are missing. Some of the escapees are from different ships/timelines!

The party awoke in a deciduous forest, with a large, dog-sized slug observing them. The Slug offered to lead them to the nearest group of humans, vomited itself into two, and did so.

The party was led to Levnec, the nearest human settlement, where they spoke to Dzinski, a tanner, Lord Kristoph, the local lord, and Mary an alewife. Levnec has been heavily taxed by Kristoph.

Between the taxes and a crop fire, winter was harsh, and the villagers turned to desperate measures, to the extent that four of them, at the direction of Slavata, the village priest of Gomphothlos, killed and ate The Toymaker, a gnome that lived in the city.

People have been disappearing from Levnec: some entirely, some (the four who ate The Toymaker) disappearing, leaving their clothing behind as if they were Raptured away. The villagers believe the gnomes are responsible, in retaliation for killing and eating The Toymaker.

Lord Kristoph told the Party he would give them directions and equip them to travel to the next, nearest city if they quelled the villagers’ fears of the gnomes by returning with five gnomish hats.

The party investigated The Toymaker’s shop, and found a note that expressed The Toymaker’s concern that he would ‘be eaten sooner than expected by the townsfolk.’

The party traveled to the West of Levnec to The Tower of Mel, home to Mel, an outcast sorcerer with plans to animate a stone statue to use in vengeance against the residents of Levnec. To complete this, he needs Gnomes to power this. He does not know where the gnomes live.

The party wandered the woods, an encountered a gnome that, when pressed, named himself Biff Hat, and offered to lead them to the Gnome Village.

On the way, the party and Biff Hat stumbled across a group of cultists, dressed in unusual, ghillie suit-like camouflage and crude dragon masks around a strange wooden totem. After a brief fight, the cultists were killed save for one knocked unconscious and taken prisoner.

The party proceeded on towards the Gnome Village.


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